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Toys: A Useful Strategy

August 15th, 2008 · No Comments

The single most important thing about playtime is that it’s fun. When your child is having fun, her interest level is at a maximum.

You buy certain toys for your child and she doesn’t want to play with them. Here are some thoughts on that. First of all, your child isn’t going to like every toy. Some are just too difficult, and others are just too trivial. best toys for kidsSo be aware of age appropriate toys. The good ones your child will love and want to play with over and over. Why is that? The answer to that question will help guide your strategy about toys in general.

Your child plays with her favorite toy over and over because it generates activity. So from your perspective the challenge is to shift your thinking toward activities. Your five year old probably isn’t going to play much with the horn you bought her, no matter how much it cost, what color it is, etc. It’s most likely going to sit in the closet. But if you give her the horn, and you use a stick for a flute, and you pretend you’re in a parade that’s marching through the house, you’ll have an activity she’ll want to do again and again. The question is, will you want to do it again and again?

Here’s the point: forget about great toys and start thinking about great activities. Playing with blocks is an activity. Playing with dolls is an activity. Counting beans is an activity. Coloring is an activity. Play acting is an activity. Making a tent with sheets is an activity. Playing marbles is an activity. Making puppets is an activity. Telling stories is an activity. Reading is an activity.

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